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healthcare for all.

healthcare for all.

In Kenya healthcare isn't free, leaving the most vulnerable families without the security of health cover. This can either mean that people do not seek help from medical professionals when required or they are left with enormous bills that can leave a family destitute. The hardest hit are often single mothers.

Eating Stones Fund has over a decade of experience, providing for orphaned children and vulnerable families in Kenya. We know that a lack of access to effective healthcare can be devastating for a family and is often the cause of many children being left without a mum and a dad. Many of those we have encountered were left orphaned because their parents or guardians died, from what would have been treatable or manageable conditions, had they had access to the right input. Help us break this cycle of poverty and children without parents.

£3.80 per month can insure a whole family, including children and provide them with the security they need to work towards healthy lives. This gives the family the security they need to seek work, provide for their families and work themselves out of poverty.

To find out about family sponsorship read Beatrice's story below, or go straight to our donate. page to set up a regular donation today.

you can help an entire Kenyan family for just £3.80 a month.

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sponsor a Kenyan family.

This is Beatrice. Beatrice is a mother of 6 children, she suffers from epilepsy and as a result of not being able to afford the medication she requires regularly has fits. Due to the cramped living conditions that Beatrice and her family live in when Beatrice has a fit it can be extremely dangerous. Beatrice has suffered severe burns on numerous occasions, having fallen on to her stove or by knocking boiling water on to herself. Beatrice is a housewife, with her husband finding casual work where he can. Health cover will enable Beatrice to access her vitally important epileptic medication, have her burns treated and cared for, as well as providing a safety net for her family, that all children deserve.

Cover costs less than a pound a week (around 87p). Your support could help a family get the safety, security and peace of mind that they so desperately need. With your help, mothers like Beatrice can sleep at night, knowing that if one of their children falls ill they will be able to take them to see a doctor and get the swift intervention that they need.

Your gift could save someone's life. Click to read more about Kenyan healthcare.

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