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nursing scholarship & training.

nursing scholarship & training.

In partnership with the Matibabu Foundation College of Health Sciences we offer student nurses, in rural Kenya, assistance with their educational costs in cases where they wouldn't otherwise be able to complete their training.

It costs approximately £3,500 to train a Nurse in Kenya. The course is a gruelling 4 years of practical and classroom sessions, including long placements in hospitals. However, standards are incredibly high, which makes a qualified Kenyan nurse an invaluable tool in the fight against poverty.

The impact that a trained nurse can have on their community in Kenya is huge. It is so much more than just a job for one person. The work that they do, caring for their community will have an immeasurably large reach and change the lives of countless vulnerable people. Nurses in Kenya are carers, educators, medics, pharmacists, nutritionists, shoulders to cry on, supporters, friends, confidants and often the glue in a community.

Healthy people lead to healthy communities. Eating Stones Fund want to help train as many nurses in Kenya as we can, so they can help and heal their communities. With over a decade of experience working with children and vulnerable people in Kenya we know that the key to accessing work and means of supporting your family is good health. Too many of our beneficiaries have found themselves orphaned or destitute because their main support unit could not access effective healthcare. Poor or no healthcare creates orphaned children and we are working towards making this a thing of the past.

Meshack is one of the students that we have helped, who is now a fully qualified nurse working in rural Kenya. Without a scholarship from Eating Stones Fund he would not have been able to complete his studies. Read his story

If you would like to know more about our work, or for more information about how you can help us sponsor nurses or a family’s healthcare cover, visit our donate page or get in touch. Do you work for a company or belong to a group that’s up for a challenge? Why not see if you can provide Kenya with an extra nurse in one year? Get in touch to find our more about our ‘Nurse In A Year’ challenge.

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